Fast Road Test NY

Driving classes for beginner or refresher. Highway driving lessons. 5 hour course NY. Call Deshi driving school Elmhurst Queens NY today. We are here to help you.

fast road test NY

 What do you need to get a fast road test appointment NY?

We need your 5 hour pre-licensing course completion certificate and NY state learner permit card. If you have interim permit and NY state photo that also works. Otherwise we will not be able to process your fast road test NY request. Please note passport, green card, work permit or other state id is not acceptable

How soon you can make my road test appointment?

We can find a road test date for you within 3-5 business days.But must have 5 hour certificate and learner permit card available.

Can you walk in for a road test?

No, you can not walk in for driving test in New York state. You must have an appointment with dmv and the necessary documents with you.

Can I reschedule my driving test?

If you think you are not ready for your upcoming road test or something emergency came up, then you can always reschedule your driving test. But you have to notice us at least 72 hours beforehand, otherwise you will be charged for the driving test.


Is it better to take driving test in the morning or afternoon?

As a driving instructor, from our experienced we do not see any different whether it is morning or afternoon your driving test. Most important thing is if you do not became nervous and you are well prepared for your road test ny, then you can easily pass your driving test any time of the day.

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Where is the easiest place to pass your driving test?

Honestly, every road test location is almost same. Nothing to much different between them that we can mention. But some people say in queens Fresh Meadow, Jamaica location is better because their roads are little bit wider than other road test locations.

How many times does it take the average person to pass their driving test?

If you practice enough before the road test especially with any professional driving instructor then can pass your road test on your first try. But if did not practice enough,or you thinking maybe you can pass,or may be luck will favour you, then it is very normal that you will fail your road test 2 or 3 times.

Can I drive straight after I passed my road test NY?

If you passed your road test then dmv inspector will give you temporary license. You can drive with that receipt along with your learner permit card. DMV will send the driver license to your home address within two weeks.

How it works

Get your expedited road test date here. usually it takes 7-8 weeks to find a road test date with dmv. Most probably you are here now that you can not wait 7-8 weeks for your next road test problem we are here to help you.just tell us how soon you want the road test date and what date to what date is perfect for you.our team will en-tirelessly work to find a thing is you will only pay us when your test date has been confirmed with DMV.

How do i know where will be my road test , time and date?

Once we found a date for you we will let you know immediately.our team will send you text message or email.We will give you road test location address,test time and date.if you are going to the road test by yourself it is your responsibility to know how to go the road test site. You can find your road test location address here.Make sure you have to be your road test site at least 30 min.before your road test time.If you fail to give your road test for any kind of paper related reason (5 hour certificate,learner permit card missing etc.) we will not be responsible for that at all.



Car Rental for Road Test

Rent a car and a driver for your road test NY. Must have valid learner permit card and 5 hour pre licensing course completion certificate.

Visiting here you can book car and a driver for road test.