Driving Classes in Queens NY

Driving classes in Queens, NY. We provide driving classes 7 days in a week. All the classes are by appointment only.

Individual driving class. Package deal. 5 hour course. Rush road test appointment within 1 weeks. Car rental for road test NY. Highway driving class.

driving classes in queens


  • All classes are by appointment only and if there is a religious holiday or bad weather then lesson might be rescheduled.
  • Once an appointment has been made,we required cancellation/rescheduling notice of at least 24 hour beforehand. Otherwise student will be charged for the cost of the lesson even if the lesson is not taken.
  • All refunds are subject to a 10% inconvenience fee (no less than $20,whichever is greater)


Most of our car  is TOYOTA COROLLA and year 2019-2022 model. some times it could be different model and year.


  • If the school is unable or unwilling to complete your prepaid course then school shall be  refunded except, the service or lesson already taken by the student which charge shall be determined by dividing the total cost of such course.
  • Lesson payments are required at the time of the booking. all unpaid bookings are canceled 24 hours before the scheduled time
  • All payments are valid within 8 months from the date of purchase.

Pick a Plan that Works for You :

Driving class and 5 hour pre-licensing course

5 hour pre licensing course is mandatory by New York state dmv. You must have the certificate for your road test appointment with dmv. 5 hour course is included in any package. You can also take the 5 hour course separately.


Can i have driving lessons in NY with another state permit ?

Yes, we provide driving lessons if you have valid learner permit or driver license from another state. But remember you can not go road test NY with another state id.

If i am under age of 18 then ?

If you are under age of 18, and your learner permit is not 6 months old yet, then you can not go for road test NY. You need to wait at least 6 months to get an road test appointment with NY state dmv. But by this time, you can practice and get ready for your road test NY .Click here to read more.

Driving lessons in Queens- Highway driving lessons :

Yes, we provide highway driving classes . Every highway driving lesson is 90 minutes, for that we charge $120. But if you purchase 5 or more highway driving class we can give you better price.

We provide highway driving lessons everyday, but we recommend if possible schedule your highway driving lessons on saturday or sunday. Monday to Friday in between 10am -2pm is better time for highway practice.

Rent a Car and a Driver for Road Test :

driving classes in queens

Rent a car for your road test today. Let us know where is your test location , test time and date of test. Prices for car rental depends on how far is your test location. To rent a car for road test click the link below. We will let you know ASAP that car rental is possible or not. And price for the car rental and driving classes in Queens .

Driving classes in Queens and Price list :

Car rental for road test , Driving class, Rush road test appointment, Package deal for beginner or refresher.

What are some common mistakes students make on the driving test NY?

First of all,a lot of students get nervous on driving test time. The other common mistakes are:

  • did not signal or failed to the check the blind spot when pulling out
  • did not stop properly at a stop sign
  • did not understand the  different between stop sign and stop all way sign
  • turning too slowly or not paying attention to pedestrians while turning.
  • poor steering control
  • when making left turn did not wait for the on coming car or pedestrians
  • unable to park properly or inadequate observe or cautious while parking
  • failed to understand the two way road or one way road
  •  automatic fail for any dangerous actions, serious violations or critical error
  • lack of practice or improper skill

How many points can I lose on a drivers license test?

There are total 0f 300 points. Out of 300 you can lose 30 points on your driving test. If you lose more than 30 points, you have to reschedule your driving test again.

What counts as an automatic fail for road test NY?

  • Pass the stop sign or fail to stop properly
  • When pulling out did not check adequately , did not see there was a car coming right behind you.
  • Failed to understand the two way road or one way road etc.

The best Driving style is a Defensive Driving Philosophy.

Let us show you how to become a safe driver on the road.

we are committed to helping student drivers from all walks of life. And ages pass their road test NY. As a deshi driving school student, you can have peace of mind that the skills you learn now will come in handy when you need them the most. By focusing on the fundamentals of driving. Our students learn safe practices they will remember for life.

Book your driving lessons toady!

What is the dmv skills test fee ? How do I pay the skills test fee ?

If you do not pass your first 2 road test, you have to purchase additional test from NYS Dmv. By paying $10 you can buy 2 test. Click the link if you need to buy additional road test .

Want to enroll for driving classes in Queens visit here .