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Driving Lessons for beginner or refresher. Rush road test . 5 Hour course NY .

If you are interested in learning to learn driving in NY, first of all you need a New York state learner permit card or valid driver license. In case you do not have the permit card yet, but you have a NY state photo id with your temporary learner receipt then you can start your driving lessons immediately.

Besides that you need to get a 5 hour pre licensing course for road test NY. Call us or visit our office today for driving lessons,car rental for road test.


5 Hour Pre licensing Course NY

5 hour course is mandatory in NY and it contains a critical curriculum that will teach you the ins and outs of driving. After completing the 5 hour class, we will provide you with the certificate of completion you can use to schedule your road test appointment with NY state dmv.

 Is Deshi driving school open 7 days?

Deshi driving school is open here 7 days a week. Everyday our driving lessons start from 8 am to  until 7 pm. You can schedule your driving lesson anytime between 8am to 7 pm. Classes are by appointment only.

Do I have to carry my permit or driver’s license with me while driving?

When you come for driving class, you must have your permit or driver license with you. Otherwise, our instructor will not provide you any driving lesson.

Rush Road Test Appointment

Are you in a rush ? Need an road test appointment with DMV within a week. Yes we are here to help you. If you have  unexpired 5 hour certificate and NY state learner permit card available then call us today or click the link below to order the road test NY.

car rental for road test

Car Rental for Road Test NY

If you need a car rental for road test, let us help you out. In addition to driving lessons, we can provide you with  a quality car for road test to help you pass your driving test NY. On the day of your road test,make sure you arrive on time with your photo Learner permit card and the 5 hour course completion certificate.

Deshi driving school of Queens NY make sure that your road test car has all the required safety features and driving functions so you pass your road test with flying colors.

5 Hour pre licensing course

How many driving lessons do I need to pass the NY road test?

A standard package for new drivers usually entails about 10-15 lessons, for anyone that wishes to acquire a license. We structured the driving class  to cover everything that will be included in your actual road test. Our driving instructors will help you learn the basics of driving as well as advanced driving skills like parallel parking, 3 point turn, changing lanes and entering and exiting the highway. Click here to read more .

Why Deshi Driving School is Your Best Option for Securing a License Fast.

A Tradition Of Excellence

We have built a culture of excellence that is centered around perfection. Students come to our School because our results speak loud and clear.Deshi driving school have assisted hundreds of students obtain the proper skills needed to pass their road test NY.

You will be gald to know that, we structure our driving lessons and 5 hour pre-licensing course to be adaptable based on the students current skill level. Sign up with us today for fun driving lessons you will remember forever.

A Reputation of success & affordability

Take a look at a brief overview of some of the cost-effective services, we provide anyone interested in learning to drive,and acquiring their license from the New York state dmv.

The best Driving style is a Defensive Driving Philosophy.

Let us show you how to become a safe driver on the road.

Book your driving lessons toady!


Driving lessons in Queens- budget friendly and responsive driving school 

Are You Located Near NYC Subway ?

Our address is 40-45 75th St, Elmhurst, Queens, NY- 11373. Very close to the subway 7,E,F,M,R train and  roosevelt ave bus Station

How to get learner permit without social security number

You do not need a Social Security card to apply for a license or permit

Under the Driver’s License Access and Privacy Act, driver license applicants who have never been issued a Social Security Number are eligible to apply.

You must sign an Affidavit (sworn statement) of never having been issued a Social Security Number when you apply for a standard driver license


Documents you will need to apply

All Applicants for a standard driver license must show a combination of documents that prove 1. name, 2. date of birth, and 3. New York State residency.

In addition to the combination of proofs we currently accept, beginning December 16, 2019, we will also accept

  • a valid, unexpired foreign passport issued by your country of citizenship
  • a valid, unexpired consular identification document issued by a consulate
  • a valid foreign driver license that includes your photo, and which is either unexpired or expired for less than 24 months
  • Permanent Resident Card, which is either unexpired or expired for less than 24 months
  • Employment Authorization Card, which is either unexpired or expired for less than 24 months
  • Border Crossing Card
  • U.S. Municipal ID Card (e.g. NYC ID) with photo
  • foreign marriage or divorce record or court issued name change decree
  • foreign birth certificate

Review the standard license and permit guide to see a list of all proofs that will be accepted effective December 16, 2019

Driving School in Queens, NY. Rush road test. Deshi driving school Elmhurst Queens NY.

Driving Lessons in Queens NY, 5 Hour pre licensing course, Car rental for road test, Rush road test . Deshi Driving school in Queens NY .