Usually it takes 6-7 weeks to get an appointment with NYS dmv. So is it possible for you guys to find a date for me within 1 wees?


What do i need for rush road test appointment?

You must have New York state learner permit card or interim receipt with new York state id card with photo or old NY driver license.Other sate id or USA passport and green card is not accepted

How much the fee for rush road test?

Rush road test appointment within 1 week $90

Within 1-2 weeks $65

How long does it take for regular test date?

Usually it takes 4-5 weeks to get an appointment with DMV 

What days and time are road test available ?

DMV usually operate road test Monday to Friday 8:30am- 3:45 pm

Sometimes they start 7:30 am and also offer saturday Road test.


What is the 5 hour class ?

5 hour class is mandatory by NY State DMV for your road test appointment. On the road test day you must have original 5 hour certificate and NY state learner permit card.

How much you charge for car rental?

Car rental price is varies by location.Send us email with your location and time & date,we will give you the quote immediately.

How much 45 min. driving lesson?

45 min.driving lesson price $40.If you add more than one lesson then every lesson $35. All classes are by appointment only.

I do not know how to go to my road test site?

Once we found a date we will give you the location address,test time and date.It is responsibility to know how to go to the road test on time.you can google as always.

DMV will provide a car for my road test?

DMV will not provide any car for road test.You must have a car from any driving school or from family and friends. Remember you can not drive the car by yourself to the road test site.You must have someone who has a valid driver license and at least age of 18.

What is skills test fee?

If this is your 3rd road test then you you have to pay $10 skills test fee to DMV. Every 2 times DMV charge $10 skills test fee.You can check here you have to pay skill test fee or not?.

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