Faqs- Do you need car for road test ?. Usually it takes 6-7 weeks to get an appointment with NYS dmv. So is it possible for you guys to find a date for me within 1 weeks?. 5 hour course. Highway driving lessons.

Road Test Appointment with NY Dmv

What do i need for rush road test appointment?

You must have New York state learner permit card or interim receipt with new York state id card with photo or old NY driver license.Other sate id or USA passport and green card is not accepted

How much the fee for rush road test?

Rush road test appointment within 1 week $90

Within 1-2 weeks $65

How long does it take for regular test date?

Usually it takes 4-5 weeks to get an appointment with DMV 

What days and time are road test available ?

DMV usually operate road test Monday to Friday 8:30am- 3:45 pm

Sometimes they start 7:30 am and also offer saturday Road test.

5 Hour Pre-licensing Course

What is the 5 hour class ?

5 hour class is mandatory by NY State DMV for your road test appointment. On the road test day you must have original 5 hour certificate and NY state learner permit card.

Should i take the 5 hour class first then start driving lessons?

It is recommended to take the 5 hour pre-licensing course before start driving lessons, but it is not a rule. 5 hour course completion certificate is required to make your test appointment with NY dmv. NYS dmv does not give you any appointment immediately. It might take 6-7 weeks to get an apoointment with dmv.

Car Rental with Driver for Road Test

Can i get a car and a driver for my road test New York. And how much the fee?

For your road test we can provide a car with driver. Most of our car is toyota corolla. If you rent a car from us then on the road test day you can meet our driver at our office. You can also meet the driver at the test site. Also pick up and drop from your address possible with additional charge.

Car rental price varies by location. Send us email with your location name,date and time. We will give you the quote immediately.

Highway Driving Lessons

How much is a highway lesson? I have a driver license but didn’t drive for years .

We provide highway driving lessons only those who have a valid driving license. In addition you have to have a good amount of city driving experience. Initially you can book 45 min. or 90 minutes local driving lessons with our instructor. After the lesson if the instructor say ready to go highway then you can book highway lesson. Otherwise practice locally and get confident to drive on the highway.

Services and Price list

My driving lesson is 8 am but your office is open 10 am. So how does it works ?

Our office hour and instructors working hour is different. So if you have an appointment for driving lesson or car rental for road test , be here on time. Our driver will wait for you outside of our office, even though office is closed.

What is your terms of service and refund policy ?

Can i upgrade or downgrade my package deal. What if i am unable to continue my course. Can i add extra lesson after my package deal done. Within how many days i have to complete my lessons. To learn more click here .

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How much is a 6 hour defensive driving course NY. How long is the defensive driving course online- click here to learn more .


I got a improper cell phone use ticket. How many points i can lose ?

For improper cell phone use you can lose 5 points. If you get 11 points in an 18 month period, your driver license maybe suspended. Click here to learn more.

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