Top 5 Reasons to Fail the New York Road Test

Top 5 reasons to fail the New York road test

What are the top 5 reasons to fail the New York road test? What mistakes count as an automatic fail.
One of the most important ones is observations. The better observations you have the better chance you have to pass the road test.
Driving is good but if you have poor observations then you have a better chance to fail the test. Here is the top 5 reasons to fail the new york road test-
  1. Missing any sign or signal
  2. Fail to anticipate actions of pedestrians
  3. Unable to park properly
  4. Fail to maintain speed according to the situations
  5. Poor steering control
Top 5 reasons to fail the New York road test

Stop sign and stop all way sign :

You should have a clear idea about signs and signals. especially the stop sign and stop all way sign.

Speed limit signs, school zone signs, speed bump signs etc. are important.

Click here to learn more about signs and signals .

Intersections and right- of -way rules

Most of the accidents happen at the intersection when the driver makes a turn. Understanding the right of way rules and how to make correct turns will help you to prevent this from happening. Click here to learn more .

NY dmv road test is about 10-15 minutes : Overview of the road test here

  • At the beginning when you pull out the car from the parking, Dmv officer will ask you to make 2-3 right and left turns.
  • if you properly checked before pulling out, good steering control, turning was okay-not short or wide turn.
  • Then the officer will ask you to do parallel park. Parking is okay-adequately checked before reverse then will do the 3 point turn.
  • lastly 2-3 right or left turn and come back to the same spot where you started.
  • Pull over the car smoothly and put it park ,turn off the engine and wait until the officer gets out of the car.

Turning and pedestrians :

While turning right or left, you have to be watchful of pedestrians. if you did not see the pedestrians or did not wait for the walking people that could fail you automatically.
wait for the pedestrians,let them cross all the way then complete your turn.

Top 5 reasons to fail the new york road test : left turn or right turn

Left or turn should be smooth . Turn slowly but after turning gradually speed up. If your turn is wide or short you can lose 5 points.

Fails to stop near the center of intersection when waiting to make a left turn-  10 point loss.


If I am unable to park properly, can I still pass the road test?

Parallel parking point is 15. You did the park well but there is a little bit of a gap, it is acceptable. More a 6-12 inch gap from the curb, you can lose 5 points. If it is too wide then you can fail the road test.
Dmv officer might give you the chance to fix the gap. But it depends on the officers.

Do I need the 5 hour course certificate?

Every driver who wants to get a test appointment with New York state dmv,they must have the 5 hour course completion certificate. Click here to learn more.
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